Indian Fuel Price Analysis – Power BI

The below visual shows a detailed breakage and analysis on the fuel price variations across 14 major cities in India. The visual shows the amount of taxes levied by the state and central governments. Fuel Type can be changed using the… Continue Reading →

Gartner BI Quadrant 2017: What the scores reveal?

     Last year’s Gartner BI and Analytics Magic Quadrant was somewhat of a surprise, after Gartner shifted the focus of the scoring from IT-led to Business-led analytics. This year the list looks consistent with majority of the big players… Continue Reading →

India’s GDP Contribution by State

GDP is a monetary measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced over a period usually taken as annually(Source-Wikipedia) In the below chart we have visualized the GDP variation of all the Indian states over a… Continue Reading →

Customer and Revenue Growth Management for Law Firms

As all partners in law firms know, growth is a challenge because the legal market is mature and low growth. So how does a firm also operating in a mature and low growth market achieve 37 quarters of consistent growth?… Continue Reading →

Is the Price Right? Innovative Pricing for Law Firms

Law firms would like to charge prices that maximise profitability, client engagement, loyalty and perceptions of the firm’s value. Some industry sectors are getting close to this ideal. In 2016 the Economist published a Schumpeter article highlighting the growing number… Continue Reading →

Human Capital Analytics

Human Capital management is a distinctive competence with which firms recruit, develop, nurture and retain talent. It is a strategic priority for many firms because the quality of the people they employ is an important element of their distinctive market… Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing Performance Analytics

Digital marketing has created a great deal of value for firms by enabling potential customers to be targeted more precisely and permitting the effectiveness of marketing activities to be monitored and optimized. However, it has also increased the market power of digital… Continue Reading →

Tableau 10 – Cross Database Join

Tableau 10 is out now with great new features. Cross database join is one of the key features. In this video learn how to integrate data from multiple sources quickly in Tableau 10. Watch this on you tube directly  here : Like,… Continue Reading →

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